Fashion Trends – How Fashion Trends Are Started

If you have ever watched any part of the fashion shows that go on each year, you see clothes that will never make it to your local store. In fact, you may never see these things again. As the average consumer,… [more]

Fashion Trends – How Fashion Trends Are Started Fashion Trends - How Fashion Trends Are Started

Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men

Today's metrosexual, cosmopolitan and fashion forward man would have no qualms in admitting that what is equally important to him as his manly image is being stylish. He wants to be updated with what's… [more]

Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men

How To Accessorize Like A Pro

Accessorizing is one way of sprucing up a rather drab outfit. It can turn you into a glammed up rocker chic or a sophisticated belle in just a heartbeat. While there are a whole range of accessories that… [more]

How To Accessorize Like A Pro How To Accessorize Like A Pro

How To Reinvent Your Fashion Wardrobe With Accessories

Accessories can be powerful in reinforcing your personal fashion style and in solidifying your own stylish trademark. Jackie Onassis and her signature sunglasses, Coco who strongly believed in Pearls to enhance a woman's … [Read More...]

Designer Tips For Fashion Styling – Mix and Match Your Way to Chic

When people find out that I'm a fashion designer, aside from the cliche assumption that I design and make my clothes (which I don't!), they usually presume that I have a particular clothing style and that I spend a lot of money … [Read More...]

Fashion Tips to Develop Your Signature Style

Every woman wants to feel confident, beautiful and stay up-to-date. But not everyone knows the art of looking gorgeous. Selecting something that looks great on you and shows your signature style really matters a lot. To look … [Read More...]

Fashion Trends

Making Sense of Fashion Trends

With the advent of ecommerce, today's fashion trends are moving faster than ever.  It seems that … [More...]

Essential Tips to Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Fashion is all about renovating. Trends evolve in ways that often leave fashionistas wondering if … [More...]

Fads, Trends and Classics – What Do These Fashion Terms Mean?

Fashion can be a fickle world. Some come and go quickly. Some stay for a short visit and some become … [More...]

How to Accessorize

Fashion: Accessorizing Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to accessories, many individuals are unaware of the appropriate items that will best … [More...]

How to Accessorize Women’s Clothing

Looking your best is not all about buying expensive clothes. If you want to look stylish, think … [More...]

Women’s Fashion Tips – How to Accessorize an Outfit to Make it Pop!

Here is an idea of how to accessorize any outfit, for maximum fashion points: - Belts: if you … [More...]